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As a business owner you are responsible for acquiring new business, maintaining current business, managing your talented staff, improving your product and understanding the financial side of the business. Our professionals at Tax & Financial Services will simplify your financials so that you can go back to focusing on the other aspects of your business.

Some of the services we offer

Business Startup Services

Now that you have decided to take that bold step towards starting your own business, we at Tax & Financial Services can offer guidance to ensure a succesful business venture.

Our accountants will provide practical resources and expert advice on writing your business plan, figure out your business structure, file the necessary Federal, State and Local license and registration forms and establish sound recordkeeping strategies.

Business Income Tax Preparation

"The difference between death and taxes is death doesn't get worse every time Congress meets." Will Rogers

At Tax & Financial Services, our accountants are required to spend at least 80 hours of continuing education, every year, to sustain a high level of expertise with the ever-changing tax code.

With any new tax law changes that come up, we will properly provide tax planning strategies and prepare your taxes in a way that will minimize tax liability and ensure tax compliance.

Why choose Tax & Financial Services

At Tax & Financial Services, we have the experience and expertise to help our clients with their business accounting needs. We have worked with numerous small businesses over the past ten years who were either just starting up or had been in business for quite a few years, and we utilize that knowledge towards helping new and existing businesses avoid making costly mistakes, and instead take the steps that have made the businesses succesful.

When we start working with you, we work with you more as your CFO then just your accountant. We take the time to understand your business, your business goals, and then your financials. We work as a sounding board for our current clients which helps clarify business plans and lets them make insightful business decisions. We guide our clients through out the year by overseeing, protecting and constantly improving the financial side of the business.

As the CEO of your business, having experienced and qualified accountants on your side that know California and Federal tax laws, can adapt to your changing business needs and prevent the possibility of an IRS audit is the one of the most important strategic business decision thats needs to be made as soon as possible.