Starting your business can be a thrilling and a little scary prospect with all different kind of rules to follow and different decisions that need to be made. At Tax & Financial Services, our accountants will assist you in making this a smooth and stress free process so that you can focus more time on other parts of your business.

Create a business plan

The business plan is like a road map. The process of writing a business plan helps the business owner make good decisions and reach his or her goal or destination. The number one reason businesses fail is lack of planning!
Tax & Financial Services can assist you with it

Business Registration

Depending on the kind of business structure you choose and type of business you have, the business might have to be registered with the California Secretary of State, California State Board of Equalization, your local county and city.

At Tax & Financial Services, we will help you file all
the necessary documents so that your new
business is in compliance with all the local laws.

Choose a business structure

You must choose a business structure when you
start a business. The structure you choose will
define your legal responsibilities like:

  • The paperwork you must fill in to get started
  • The taxes you’ll have to manage and pay

How your business’s profit or loss effects your
personal tax return. Tax & Financial Services will help you choose the right business structure.

Business Licenses and Permits

Our experienced accountants can help you identify
all of the required permits in order to start your
business. California has different permit and licenes
requirements depending on the county of your
business as well as your business type.

The different business structures

The different type of business structures available
to you in the State of California are

  • Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership
  • General Partnership
  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Sole Proprietorship

At Tax & Financial Services, we will hep you choose the right business entity

Delaware Corporation

If you are startup who is looking for investments from institutional venture capital firms, that manage large funds, they will very often insist that your startup be established as a Delaware Corporation.

Angel investors are more likely to be okay with a California corporation but even then a fair amount of professional angels either insist on DE before making their investments or at least expect a conversion to a DE entity before the company’s first venture capital equity round

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At Tax and Financial Services, we work as allies and partners for your new or existing business. We do the boring bookkeeping and and tax planning throughout the year so that your time can be better spent marketing, networking and improving your product.


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