As a small business owner you have more important things to do than to keep your own books. We take care of your books for you, so you can get back to the job of running your business and generating profits.

Business Plan


Business plans are essential to any business success. The business plan should be worked on very early in the process of starting a new business. During the early stages of your planning when you are just contemplating whether it would be a good idea to go into a business of your own or just keep working or doing or what you are already doing, a business plan will help you make that decision.

Your business plan should be a road map that would get your thoughts about your business in order. It should contain details like who you are, what is the purpose for the new business, who are your target customers, your initial business financing options, your initial and then ongoing marketing plans, budgeting for the different expenses such as rent, payroll, taxes, and marketing.

As you get further along your business planning process, your business plan get more detailed and better organized. You should be able to evaluate your business plan on an ongoing basis with measurable goals on a monthly, half yearly and yearly basis for a more successful business.

We help clients with budget planning, payroll and tax planning so that they have more control over their finances and know how to plan efficiently for business success. We work with clients all over the San Francisco Bay Area and have offices in Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale and Fremont / Newark. We are one of the leading accounting firms in California dedicated towards small business success.

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At Tax and Financial Services, we work as allies and partners for your new or existing business. We do the boring bookkeeping and and tax planning throughout the year so that your time can be better spent marketing, networking and improving your product.


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